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Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions

Top Sites, Newsgroups

  • Astrology Search Page - professional astrologer listings, birth charts, love and romance compatibility charts, money and business forecasting and more. Free daily horoscopes available.
  • Astrology Complete Natal Chart, Birthday Horoscope - Go.To Category -Astrology, charts, natal, transits; accurate: astrology, sun signs readings, birthdays, relationships, astrological compatibility, personas, romance, marriage, advice, reports, forecasts, more.
  • AstroPort-  Portal  for Astrology and Spirituality, Book, Store, BookShop, Founded by Aster Erin - Croatian Internet Magazine for Astrologyand Esotheria, Alternative Medicine, Yoga.
  • AstroPro- Richard Nolle, Certified Professional Astrologer. Nice Pull-down menu of info, articles, helio and geocentric resources, moon tables, and more...
  • Dust Bunny's Ultimate Horoscope Site - pop horoscope boxes, and even more links! End your search for the best daily horoscopes. :-) Links, links, links (-:
  • Starflash- This site has all kinds of little goodies for you - like Chat, Bulletin Boards and more! Look around the site in all the nooks and crannies.
  • Festival Mailing List - A super mailing list for astrologers to share - VERY active! The Festival mailing list is a means for astrologers all around the world to discuss astrology.
  • Astrology  Newsgroups -  the tarot, astrology, and other paranormal phenomena.

Reference - Online Tools

  • This Month's Ephemeris - calculated for midnight, Greenwich Mean Time (all 12 months)
  • Online Atlas  - Internet Atlas and Time Zone Database. Data for most cities in the world. Very useful, accurate, and necessary for chart construction.
  • Timeline Info - U.S. Naval Observatory
  • Universal Rhythms: Quantified Harmonic Astrology
  • - Astrology on the World Wide Web. Thanks to everyone for your help and support. Ephemeris & links.
  • Archetypal Astrology - A Jungian Approach To Astrological Counseling
  • Metalog Mark II offers a fully  searchable database of astrologers, associations, bookshops and  other concerns related to astrology.
  • Astro*Outlineaccesses the Matrix Astro*Index, an online database containing a whole library of material on astrology.
  • Matrix address book- the addresses for astrologers from all parts of the globe. LINKS
  • Astrology Forum - Astrology bulletin board, by Arthur Pena for About.Com,advanced links
  • NCGR: National Council for Geocosmic Research
  • Zodiacal Zephyr - Click for info and services: references, Atlas, databases, FAQ, chats.
  • Valja'a Links - good info here +software downloads
  • DEJA-NEWS-  a unique search engine that can be used to find specific text inside alt.astrology messages. Many news readers search only in headers. Always add the keyword 'alt.astrology'. Example: Search keyword: "free reading" alt.astrology
  • Glossary of Terms


  • ArtCharts- General Information on Astrology,  Info on Moon cycles, How are charts cast?
  • Intro to Astronomy - moon phases, sideral time, etc.- Univ. of Oregon
  • FAQ & other news about Transcendental Astrology
  • Questions commonly asked by new readers of alt.astrology
  • Newsgroups About Astrology and Psychics- Fans and skeptics alike can chat about the tarot, astrology, and other paranormal phenomena.
  • Astrology Online Two - Birth charts, zodiac explanations, sun sign compatibility, the basics of astrology and weekly and daily horoscopes. The Largest Astrology Site on the Internet!
  • Astrology - - is Alternative America, a gateway site to the best alternative coverage of news, arts and entertainment. Rob Brezsny offers a unique look at your horoscope.
  • Astrology Affiliate Programs - Make money from your Web site with affiliate programs, associate programs & referral programs.
  • Astrology Center of America - Santa Fe NM
  • Astrology Service Dream Interpretation by Leonore Izen - Astrology readings, reports and charts with dream interpretations and analysis - about relationships, parenting, money, birth, jobs, deaths and more.- Astrology Service - Concord CA
  • Astrology on the Web -Glossary - Also relationship focused Astrology Horoscopes with Soul , information focusing on astrology and relationships. Horoscopes and star charts. Fascinating star sign info.
  • Elysian Astrology, Professional Astrology for All
  • Source of astrological information, advice and unusual gifts, dedicated to the serious  presentation and promotion of astrology as a science.
  • StarIQ- a new kind of astrology site responsive to a wide range of interests. StarIQ focuses on consumer education, broad based community building and the delivery of information through the Internet's strength of mass customization.
  • Zodiacal-Offering a wide variety of information useful to astrologers.
  • Astrobit - Internet Digital Oracle
  • Astrology Charts by Astro Energetics -  the deeper meaning of horoscopes: astrology for personal growth. High quality in-depth astrology charts and personalized horoscopes, beautifully printed in an elegant booklet.
  • Gemini_uk- accurate -  interesting to read what goes on ion the different signs!!
  • Celestial Tidings Astrology - astrological information and resources, both entertaining and instructive. Also available are natal chart interpretations, progressed charts, compatibility reports, transits, and reports designed specifically for children. 'Web view' option and print your report right from the web, with no additional shipping and handling costs.
  • Astrological Consulting - FAQ, News, Articles, Services, private counsel from the point of view that we create our reality as the product of our definitions and beliefs, that we internalize from our early environment. 
  • Tom Chase Astrology For The New Age
  • Affordable Treasures - Computerized astrology charts and discount shopping.
  • Fire-Air-Earth-Water - A Gathering Place for Fire, Air, Earth, and Water signs.
  • Metalog- psychological astrology, books, referrals
  • Cosmo Cat Astrology- lots of fun, entertaining information and trivia, basic astrology info, learn about the zodiac including the meanings of the planets and signs. discover what your sign has to say about you.
  • Lifelight's Astrology Page
  • An esoteric college of light and community of light bearers encourages the use of esoteric astrology for spiritual growth and development
  • Colorado Astrology Center - Astrological services, including natal chart interpretations and relationship readings. A definition of what astrology is, a brief history, and information on astrology and mythology.
  • MYTHING LINKS -An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.   Common Themes, East & West:  Star Lore & Astrology
  • Astral Aspects - Natal and Synastry Charts/Reports personally created, analyzed and written
  • Pluto Project - Astrology For Regular People - user-friendly, illustrated book, Astrology For Regular People, integrates astrology, reincarnation and world religions. The Astrocast astrologic transit report provides self understanding. Astrology T-shirts too.
  • Astrology and Horoscope Portal - offers searchable links to Daily, Vedic, Chinese, Love, Wealth, Health horoscopes with zodiac sign resources and esoteric discussion forums.
  • Annabel Burton Astrology - From the sublime to the ridiculous, an astrology site for all tastes with spiritual truths and hard reality, and a sense of humor! Online ordering of reports, consultations and weekly forecasts.
  • Zah's Astrology Services - learn about houses and planets get personal reports.
  • Alpha Lyra Consulting and Seven Paws Press, Steven Forrest's and Jodie Forrest - Practicing the astrology of choice, imagination and freedom, fantasy and astrology
  • Astrologer & Metaphysical Consultant  - Dennis Cole- professional Astrologer, Metaphysical Consultant and Lecturer. Readings by Dennis reflect his deep interest in helping you to get to the roots of your major concerns and to more consciously create the fun reality your soul desires. Specializing in the Sabian symbols.
  • Alchemy - Review of Metaphysical Sites on the Internet-  an E-zine which reviews metaphysical web sites meant to guide us on our spiritual journeys, and provides a forum for advancing understanding for those who share alternative beliefs and systems of thought.
  • Starkeeper- Certified Astrologer, horoscopes and readings - charges a small fee 
  • Manifest Reality -  friendly on-line spiritual resource. Horoscopes - monthly, yearly, daily, weekly -- On Line or in your e-mail
  • Physical Traits of Astrology -  seeing the physical traits and appearances of the Zodiac signs! With cartoons, caricatures and photos, Dell Horoscope author William Schreib describes how astrology shapes our character.
  • Stargazer's Weekly Astrology Forecast - A weekly horoscope, published Thursdays, by professional counselor and astrologer, Vivian Weaver. The content is psychologically oriented and focused on self responsibility.
  • Lifecycles.Com-  a tool and method for forecasting life's Turning Points, based on a universal pattern on which all human growth and change is based, regardless of culture, genetics, or environment. A very accurate way to anticipate life crises before they occur, allowing you to face these challenges and opportunities with greater insight and strength. Also traditional astrological services, including natal charts and relationship compatibility.
  • - Receive your horoscope via e-mail every morning, for FREE!!!
  • New Millennium Being - An astrological based Ezine, whose purpose is to help guide us into the 21st century. Specially written with novice and non-astrologers in mind, it interprets how current astrological events impact our individual and collective lives. New Millennium Being also covers the spiritual path of the current astrological sign as well as a meditation to tap the powers of that sign.
  • Astro-Mandala- We transform your birth chart into a work of art suitable for framing!! Includes description page, guide, and worksheet to assist you in learning your natal chart (Astro-Mandala). Each chart is prepared by hand. 15'x15' final mounted dimension.
  • Palacy's Link Lists - Links to interesting places on the web. Pagan links, Zodiac links, Graphics links, Tarot links, and information about Chakras, Zodiac signs and Planets according to the Thoth Tarot, with more to come soon!
  • Celestial Tidings Astrology -  astrological information and resources, both entertaining and instructive. Also available are natal chart interpretations, progressed charts, compatibility reports, transits, reports designed for children and career profiles.
  • Home study courses in Astrology, Tarot, and Handwriting Analysis. Plus, Astrology Charting services, Tarot questions answered, and Handwriting Analysis reports.
  • Personalized service. We try to make your study as close to having a private instructor as possible.
  • SIDERUM NUNTIUM - News and event from World. Noticias y eventos del Mundo
  • Predictive Sciences - Live tension free life to your full potential through scientific application of Classic Vedic Astrology guidelines. Also five years Interpretation of Maha Dashas of Planets right up to third level.
  • Karmist's Place - a variety of interests. My services page includes astrology, numerology, etc. That address (of which I will be putting your link on) is:
  • The Esoteric Astrology Website - selected articles written by Tracy Porter. Tracy is a writer, and has had many articles published in astrology magazines including Dell Horoscope. Tracy is planning on having a Problem Page & Question Box.
  • How to Perform a Psychic Reading -  Beginner's Guide to Tarot Card Reading will give you hours of FUN and entertainment! Master the tarot deck in eight easy lessons.
  • Astrolink Horoscope - Daily, weekly, yealy, birthday, chat, romance, misc.
  • Eugenia Last - astrologer, Astro Advice Interactive
  • Horton Astrology - Comprehensive, easy to understand astrology charts - not mass-produced by a software program like many others. Each chart is individually interpreted just for you.
  • Joy Archer -  Astrological Consultant for Individuals and Businesses since 1966 in this life. She also teaches and lectures about Astrology and provides many different Astrological Charts, Reports, and Maps concerning the many facets of Astrology.
  • Esoteric Astrology, the Astrology of the Soul -In Esoteric Astrology, the rising sign of the horoscope sets the keynote for the soul's purpose with the esoteric ruler of the rising sign showing how and where the soul's purpose works out.
  • Aquarian Age- Interesting site based on the 12 Houses linked to various other sites
  • Chinese Astrology by Sonia Ming
  • Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts - daily, weekly, yearly horoscopes, links, articles.
  • Starflash- lots of links, chats, archives, more...
  • Zodiacal Zephyr - Tools, celebrities, articles,searchable Links
  • Astrola's Metaphysical Den - Browse an overview of astrology and order a natal chart, compatibility report or child's chart. Check out the daily celestial guide.
  •  Byrd, Richard - Astro cartography- Astrology site displays the natal chart of this famous pioneer and gives a brief synopsis of his antarctic aviation and discoveries.
  •  AurAstrologyTERMS DEFINED- Natal Chart interpretation -career, relationships , etc
  • Free Daily Forecast - astrology reading, horoscope, zodiac, Astrology chart services using Dr. Turi's Divine Astrology, birth charts, natal charts, soul's purpose, career information, romantic compatibility charts
  •  Order Your Six Month Personal Horoscope Forecast- Astrology readings by email or 2 day mail. Accurate natal chart reading, love and relationships, personal horoscope forecasts.
  • Astrolabe's  Free Astro Chart Data Input-  enter your birth information below. FIELD Examples Fill in at least rows 3-5 Name:  (We will send you a copy of this chart to this email address.)
  •  Astrology by Rainbow's End - How do the planets affect you? Astrology chart wheel printed in color suitable for matting framing.
  • Moon and Real Life and Cycles- Educational astrological site focusing on real life and cycles. Birth chart calculation service provided. Learn what zodiac signs each of the 10 planets occupied on your birthday.
  • The Philadelphia Astrological Society - Astrology Calculations & Readings- $5 to $8 and up - links
  • Hank Friedman Astrology & Psychic Web Site- astrology software & news & printouts, plus deep psychic channelings, astrology readings, and transformative counseling sessions.
  • AstroPath-  Jupiter- Saturn Conjunction on the 28th. They come together every 20 years. The last time was 1980 in the sign Libra. 
  • Astrology Complete Natal Chart, Birthday Horoscope... Natal Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Talents, Challengesand Abilities
  • Chinese Astrology Tables - figure out four of the five important elements of your Chinese Horoscope.  by Astrolog:
  • Astrology & Tarot - Natal Chart Astrology... Natal Chart & Report, no-nonsense ... Order Now from Fifth Direction
  • Tracy's Astrology - The Esoteric Astrology Website, Tarot, bio-rythms, runes...
  • AstroPersonalAstrology- natal chart interpretations. see related: Astrology Chart Services
  • Astrology - by Beverlee - Services include natal, transit, solar return and compatibility chart readings. Also, offers articles and biorhythms. Links
  • Lifepath Astrology - natal, progression, transit, relocation, solar return, partner comparison and career chart interpretations. Also, shaman healing journey and soul recovery.
  • astrology natal chart - Why are you really here?.....How can you be fulfilled? What could your chart reveal about talents and abilities?
  • STARFIRE ASTROLOGY NATAL CHART INTERPRETATIONS - astrology, astrology reports, natal chart interpretation.
  •  To The Heart Astrology - Natal Transit, chart wheel birth cycles, forecasts. Money Back Guarantee.
  • Maxmall - Astrology Natal Chart - Natal Chart. ORDER Form. $14.95 plus $3.00 S&H. Please fill in ALL items when submitting this order form. Re: Person Placing This Order. First Name
  • - Order your natal astrology chart online! - Hot Gift Item. Low cost horoscopes astrology chart readings.
  • Amy's Natal Astrology Chart -  a quick chart
  • Life Enhancement Service 2 - Astrology Natal Chart - Positive Outcomes ..... for personal and planetary evolution. Aannsha Jones. Home. Contents. What's New. Aannsha's Hot Tips. Aannsha's Comments.
  • Transits, Progressions, Natal, Astrology, Charts, Predictions - TimeLine: Six Month Forecast- Transits, Progressions, Lunar, Solar Eclipses To Your Natal Chart. Complete Natal Chart is over 20 pages long
  • AstroLee - gifts, natal charts, interpretations, and counseling.
  • Petrious Astrology - astrology and numerology lessons, natal charts and reports, and personal predictions. What is Astrology?
  • Aussie Horoscopes - provides insight into natal charts, forecasts, stars and information.
  • Wandering Star Designs - custom jewelry based on astrology, from the zodiac to natal charts.
  • Signs Studio 2000 - research and practice of astrology and metaphysical studies. Specializes in natal charts.
  • Harmony's Astrology, Astrology Charts, Astrology Charts By Harmony's Astrology, Astrology are Entertaining, Fun and Affordable.
  • CyberAstrologyreadings by email: personalized natal chart reading, love and relationships, personal horoscope forecasts...a place for self-discovery and the place to get your printed, highly personalized and detailed astrology readings by email. We use the latest technology.
  • ASTROLOGY NATAL CHART - astrology, natal chart, Past life, sex astrology. For romance horoscope lucid dreaming psychic reading online romantic horoscopes, paranormal behavior.
  • Shamanic Astrology  Daniel Giamario and Carolyn Brent - Free Shamanic Astrology

  • Celestial Timings. The Shamanic Astrology Handbook. Links, Articles, Books, Tapes, 
  • Astrology Match -  AstroTalk: Complete Natal Chart is over 20 pages long and is e-mailed to you! Makes a Great Gift! Complete Report Which Includes This And More!
  • Astrology natal chart - Astrology natal chart horoscope taurus unexplained increase psychic ability. A chinese horoscope jewish mysticism live psychics chat. At star charts birthday today horoscope.
  • AstroSoft Resource Center - Russia -Abstracts, news topics, collection of reviews, software resources and links to search, buy or free download astrology and astronomy programs.
  • AstroInfo - Research astrology articles and astrological readings
Relationship Astrology, Synergy, Compatability
  • What Is Astrological Love: couples astrology charts, love, marriage. The astrology love match report to compare couples charts for astrological compatibility. Love rating, planets, signs, houses, aspects explored and interpreted in over 20 pages, e-mailed to you.
  • Soul Mates, Astrology, Natal Charts, True Love, Compatible Charts Is true love for you in the stars? Are you natal astrology charts compatible for love? Astrological compatibility love profiles for couples.
  • Astrology Match, Romance Guide, Love Horoscopes, Charts, Predictions, Love horoscopes, love match astrology reports, compatibility charts, readings, natal charts, transits, solar returns, composite charts, marriage advice, love, relationships. Free
Vedic Astrology FREE
  • Free Chart with Intrepretation
  • Free Stuff - Chart Calculation - Annotated astrology links to the best free Astrology Birth Chart Calculations.
  • Astrodienst Services - Personal Daily Horoscope, Free Reports, Free Charts, Online Shop, Sample Reports, old atlas query
  • Free Astrological Chart with personality interpretations.
  • Free Astrological Charts, Free Daily Horoscopes, Free Screen saver -  Synastry - Compatibility Reports, Free Daily Horoscopes, Progressed Charts, Transits, Free Screen savers, Children's Natal Reports
  • AstroPath- free email birth chart wheel. Column, Q&A, natal reports, transit reports, and lovers compatibility reports are available.
  • A FREE Horoscope Chart, Daily Horoscopes... A 15 Page In-Depth Look At Astrology -- A Report Explaining How A Natal Chart Is Created. The Report Explains The Four Elements In A Chart, The Three Modalities
  • Starlight Astrology A huge site loaded with free astrology information, free horoscopes and the webs largest Signs Compatibility area.
  • Horoscope Universe - Free weekly horoscopes, astrology links, electronic greeting cards, and much more.
  • Birth Chart or Natal Chart Analysis... If you order a CHARACTER PORTRAIT (natal chart or birth chart analysis) for ... a FREE in-depth COMPATIBILITY CHART (relationship analysis)
  • Your Online Astrologer - friendly astrology site that offers a free chart and interpretation, free daily horoscope, weekly column, and history of astrology.
  • Astrology By Tamara - Free Astrology Natal Chart and Horoscope, zodiac, astrologer, free ... spiritual, personality, spirituality, natal chart, forecast, profile, report
  • Astro World International -  free natal charts and daily astrology readings. Also find astrology news, products and related links.
  • Mirror2001 - Free Horoscopes -  Free Astrology: Free Horoscopes Free Sun Sign Horoscopes Free Lunar Horoscopes Free Astrology Free Natal Charts Free Astrology Glossary Astrology Books Horoscope
  • ASTRORT- Karmic and Natal Astrology- free natal and karmic horoscopes, daily horoscopes, astrological forecasts, personalized natal charts interpretations, romantic compatibility love match reports, progressions, transits, predictions, tarot, Feng Shui readings
  • Widget's Astrology World - Over 550+ Astrological Articles listed. FREE natal birth charts. Freeware Astrological Font. Zodiacal greetings cards. Instant I-Ching forecaster. More...
  • Astrologic - Online Metaphysic Research Center for the mind, body, & soul. Your Complete Astrology & Tarot Resource. Enter to win the FREE monthly Astrology Chart giveaway.
  • Astrology Today, Horoscope Reports - astrology TODAY. Cutting edge, valuable insights through gifted astrology birth amp natal, relationship amp compatibility, relocation, career guidance, financial, business forecasts, karmic charts. Free 200.00
  • Astrology by Star*Charts -  astrology profiles and reports, compatibility studies, weekly and monthly transit forecasts and free natal wheels with each report for people who want to understand more about themselves and those around them. General information about astrology, the planets, houses and sun signs.
  • AstroLight - Free RealTime chat with Astrologers, AstroLight weekly Newsletter and Web Ring.
  • Sedona Astrological Center - monthly forecast, astrological services, Metaphysical books, philosophy and psychology of astrology. Home of the esoteric school of metaphysical studies featuring mystical experiences. Lots of free stuff, including horoscopes 
  • Astrology and Horoscope Portal- Free daily horoscopes, a searchable database to Vedic, Chinese, Love, Wealth, Health horoscopes, zodiac sign resources and esoteric discussion forums.
  • ASTRORT - Karmic and Natal Astrology - free natal horoscopes, astrological forecasts, inexpensive personalized natal charts interpretation; karmic reports, romantic compatibility love.
  • Astrology in the Age of Aquarius - free comprehensive Astrology resources for all here:- 210 year daily Geocentric Ephemeris from 1891 to 2100 AD, Campanus Tables of Houses. Online horoscope calculation, with interpretation texts. Articles on basic and advanced astrological techniques, together with free download and links.
  • Dee_Astro's Astrology & New Age- Free horoscopes, psychic readings, astrology, numerology, tarot parties in RI area, planets, ascendant, houses, free astro-love advice, affiliate programs, webrings, cool new age links
  • A Free Astrology Natal Chart, Online Astrology Reports, Daily Horoscopes, Monthly Astrology ... Free Natal Chart. Professional Astrology & Horoscope Reports. Lowest Prices On The Internet $14.95. Visa & MC Accepted. Astrology & Horoscopes Online.
  • Starlight Astrology - Free daily and weekly horoscopes. Free information about your Zodiac signs, your startstones, your planets, compatibility site, low cost charts. 
  • Dennis Cole -  professional Astrologer, Metaphysical Consultant and Lecturer, deep interest in helping you to get to the roots of your major concerns and to more consciously create the fun reality your soul desires. Free articles and advice.
  • A complete guide to scorpios + free horoscope, i-ching, fortune teller, biorhthyms - 35 Articles - 179 pages on Scorpio. free horoscope - all signs, free astrology readings, I-ching, Fortune teller, scorpio pictures & icons, birthday calculator, condoms of the zodiac (funny), Lovematch, iq test, links Plus Southpark fruit machine temperature converter, world clock, biorhythms, Quotes, Poems, Free Downloads
Today's Aspects - and Forecasts
Astrology Online
Linda Goodman
 Astrology by Moonlight
AstroPro Forecasts
Search Results
The Two Star Oracle

  • Astrology Software
    • Horoscope Interpreter  - anyone with a knowledge of computers can use it, yet it is accurate and has psychological depth, accurate horoscopes with every complex function automated, and prints out one of the best reports on the market, low priced, and you can downlaod the shareware version. Also see their Astrology Links.
    • Zodiac Computers Astrology Software - Zodiac Consultation & Printouts of Gemology Numerology and Astrology. Synthesis of Astronomy and Math. Scientific Analysis by Master Astrologer given free! Temporal Science Divine Matrimonial Match making Gem Therapy Mystic Yoga Veda Hindu
    • ZET Astrologysoftware for Windows - information and detail suitable for the experienced astrologer and beginner. Capabilities include - mouse sensitive natal chart, astro-cartography, 9100 fixed stars, 3D astro-planetarium.
    • Horoscope Universe - Free horoscopes, games, astrology links and much more.
    • Aug11 Astrology Software- Quality Astrology Shareware
    • Astrology - On-line interactive astrology reports (real-time astrology/oracles), Astro*Index (Online encyclopedia), online astrology bibliography, real-time search for charts from 20,000 celebrity charts, and More.
    • Astrology software - LookSmart CategoryAlt Astrology - links
    • Astrology Software for Windows from vAstro -  shareware to download on a free 30 day trial. Calculate and analyze natal birth charts for an in-depth horoscope report.
    • GeoVision Software - large Vedic Astrology software company. This company has been making state of the art Vedic Astrology software for years and has been a leader in the field.
    • Astrology Software by Cosmic Patterns -  powerful and versatile astrology programs: Kepler and Pegasus Astrology software for anyone from beginner to professional astrologer.
    • Astrology software with information and detail suitable for the experienced astrologer. Capabilities include - natal chart, astro-cartography, and 3D astro-planetarium.
    • The Scripts Joint 
    - More Software -
    Astrology Source
    Software - Guide 
    Matrix Software
    Shareware and Freeware
    Free Astrology Software
    Free Download Files

    Classes and Courses

    Books, Bookstores
    Astrology Et Al
    The Magical Blend
    Inner Sanctum
    Astrology Panplanet
    Crossroads of the Web
    Search Results
    • Kessinger Rare Esoteric Reprints
    • Soultrek- Monthly Forecast, Books  Essays,  Philosophy, helpful ideas.Links
    • Astrology Center of America - National Clearinghouse for Astrology Books.  The Astrology Center of America - National Clearinghouse for Astrology Books. Large selection of hard-to-find astrology books in Western Hindu Vedic Astrology. 24 hour shipping world-wide.

    Publications, Journals, Magazines

    AA Journal (England)
    Astro Mag 
    Circles of Light
    Astrology Alive
    Welcome to Planet Earth
    Planet Earth Articles
    Dell Horoscope Magazine
    Search Results
  • The Mountain Astrologer - widely acknowledged as the best English language astrology magazine,  published 6 times per year, bi-monthly. 
  • The Mercury Hour -"The Astrologer's Magazine". It consists mainly of letters written by astrologers to astrologers. It is published 4 times a year and has 68 8½ by 11 printed pages each edition
  • Articles by UAC Speakers  - Guest Astrologer Articles
  • Astrology Articles - Access New Age
  • Star Signs Astrology Zine - Articles, free daily and weekly horoscopes by Michael Star; many free teach yourself articles and FAQ pages on Astrology
  • Ezine of Astrology and Metaphysics  - New Age Ezine with a focus on astrology, metaphysics and consciousness raising.  Each weekly issue contains an original article plus several weekly columns.

    Associations and Conferences Famous and Historic

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    Astrology on the Net
    Adze Links
    Astrology Planet
    Timothy Curley
    Airy Sadalsuud
    Astrology House
    Ask Jeeves
    Dogpile  Search
    Look Smart Search
    Astrology Source
    Answerer - UK
    Astrology Free
    Zodiac Links

    Astronomy - links

    Windows to the Universe
    Leonids Galore
    Space Weather Bureau
    SXT Home page
    Jupiter Millennium Flyby
    Space Imaging
    LMSALSolar Astrophysics 
    YPOP Movie Maker

    Universal Time
    The local mean time of the prime meridian. It is the same as Greenwich mean time, counted from 0 hour beginning at Greenwich mean midnight. Conversion table for local times into UT for a selected number of coutries. "St. time" gives the difference for the standard time zone, "DS time" gives the difference for daylight saving periods. Calculate UT by 'local time' + (or -) 'table value'. 
    Country       St. time  DS time|  Country     St. time  DS time

    Australia WAST/WADT -8     -9  |  Pakistan          -5     -6
    Austria             -1     -2  |  Portugal          -1     -2
    Benelux             -1     -2  |  Romania           -2     -3
    Bulgaria            -2     -3  |  Slovakia          -1     -2
    China               -8     -9  |  Slovenia          -1     -2
    Croatia             -1     -2  |  South Africa      -2     -3
    Czech Republic      -1     -2  |  Spain             -1     -2
    Finland             -2     -3  |  Sweden            -1     -2
    France              -1     -2  |  U.K.              -0     -1
    Germany             -1     -2  |  Ukraine           -3     -4
    Hungary             -1     -2  |  U.S.A. AST/ADT    +4     +3
    Italy               -1     -2  |  U.S.A. EST/EDT    +5     +4
    Japan               -9    -10  |  U.S.A. CST/CDT    +6     +5
    Jordan              -2     -3  |  U.S.A. MST/MDT    +7     +6
    Malta               -1     -2  |  U.S.A. PST/PDT    +8     +7
    New Zealand        -12    -13  |  U.S.A. Hawaii ST +10
    Norway              -1     -2  |  Yugoslavia        -1     -2